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Nissan Car Keys

Nissan Intelligent Key

Proximity keys and wireless ignition systems are everywhere these days and replacing a proximity fob at the dealership can become quite an expensive task.

This is why we at Johnny the Locksmith provide fair and competitive pricing to get you back on the road quickly and affordably.

Nissan Flip Key

We Can Fix That

Lost the keys to your Nissan? Maybe you have just bought a new car and your proximity remote is un-programmed. whichever the case may be there is one thing for certain:

Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians at Johnny the Locksmith can help you in replacing any lost keys or remotes you may require.

Any Nissan Any Year

Most Nissan Vehicles manufactured from 1998 onward utilize some form of the Nissan intelligent key system which uses low wave radio frequency to communicate between your key and your vehicles ignition system.

Even if you don’t have a wireless remote to lock, unlock, or even start your car your key likely contains a chip (usually in the head of the key) that helps to prevent theft even if someone managed to make a copy of your key.

NIssan Transponder