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First thing you need to know – panic wont help so try your best to remain calm, Yes this is easier said than done but you will help yourself to stay calm.

People overlook the fact that sense of calm can go a long way when you’re locked out and don’t panic.

Lockout situations are for sure no fun, but they can change fast and become worse if you do something that is resolute of frustration.

automotive locksmith services
automotive locksmith services

Things To Know And Do

Long time ago when it comes to car keys things used to be much more simple you cut the right key and you drive.

Now days however, things are a bit more complicated and because of a few technical advances not all keys are the same.

Most car keys have chip in them that make them unique to the car and the communication with it.

Chipped Or Not Chipped

car key have a chip just like your ATM card have a pin code, no code no money, same with the car – without the programming it’s not moving.

This is a safety fixture that make sure no one can still your car by just duplication of your key.

ford keys and remote
ford keys and remote

Type Of Key Can Make Lots Of Difference In Cost

The basic one is non transponder one and that is the cheapest one on our list.

A regular transponder key – you have a chip in your key that also require programming to start your car.

Remotehead key is the one that have a chip in it as well as a remote and is one unit with the key itself.

The last one and a newer one is the proximity key that usually start with a button instead of a regular key also known as the push to start.