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Most Frequent Questions And Answers


Changing locks is buying new hardware and replacing the old one with new, Re-keying your locks mean that you are changing the pins inside the cylinder to be used with a new key.

installing and replacing a deadbolt ?

Installing is a procedure in which we drill for a lock to be installed where no hardware previously exists. Replacing is the removal of the existing locks and switching it with new hardware 

Should I change my locks after buying a house?

The answer is YES – Highly recommended, you never know how many people had the key to the house. Did they have a dog walker? A cleaning company with a spare key? Or contractor that never gave back the key.


We have a flat rate standard most common model vehicles at $45 and European make models that are $85 with our service call at $29 for coming out there.

How does a car key replacement works ?

Every car key has its own key code for the key, there are a few ways to come up with that code, the dealer and our way with professional tools, where ever you are we will come to you and get you going.

Are all locks able to be picked ?

Now days some locks have bump resistant and pick proof style cylinders, it comes in 2 versions – standard lock with some protection and then there’s high security locks that have higher grades of cylinders. 

Can I use the same key for all of my locks ?

There are only a few types of locks on the market off the shelf so as long that the key fit in the keyhole it can be re-key to the same key, one more way to know is if the brand is the same.

Can a broken lock be fixed or should it be replaced ?

To a degree – most locks can be fixed with the right service and a continued maintenance, there are problems that can leave you with no choice but to replace it.

How much for a new car key ?

Now days it’s all depend on your year make and model, most cars have a regular transponder type of key – the one with the chip in it, others have the new style high security blade or also known as side winder key and the new proximity key – push to start.

Can Your Locksmith Replace My Lost Car Key ?

Yes we can, wherever you are, work, home or out shopping, we have a full mobile service, a tech will come out to you and make you your car key on the spot and get you going and back on track in no time.