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Locksmith Norfolk VA

We are proudly serving our customers that are in need of a locksmith in Norfolk, VA Area, with great deal of experience in what we do we give you a good reason why should you choose us for your residential , commercial  or automotive locksmith services needs?

  • Because we provide high quality service.
  • Because we have years of excellent reputation.
  • Because we are trusted and well-known company.

Residential Services

Door and lock hardware, when needed is a very common reason for customers to need a locksmith expert (if you have one). Therefore, when locked out of your home. It doesn’t matter if you have locked your keys inside your house, or lost your home keys, our expert locksmiths will get you back inside fast, or in case of lost or stolen keys you may have to rekey or completely replace your locks.

If you just need to get access into your home and have a key inside, then you need just to do rekey for your lock and have the locksmith expert to reset the mechanism inside your lock. Take in consideration that if you have lost your keys it will be a good idea to change your locks for maximum security.

Commercial Services

Johnny the Locksmith provides commercial locksmith services to all businesses big or small. If your business needs any special locksmith service, we are able to provide it. We can strengthen the security of your business just ask our expert tech. Businesses are faced with a risk of theft due to both high employee turnover rates and break-ins (depending on your business).

When an old employee took the keys and did not give them back we can rekey or replace the locks and keep your business safe for years to come.There are well known primary services, which business owners frequently ask from a locksmith, such as rekeying locks, installation of security systems, repairing and/or changing locks and all at an affordable rate.

Automotive Services

If you find yourself locked out of your car , you do not have to worry about it. We have a team of technicians who are ready to help you regain access to your car and in short time.

If your key is smart key we have the professional tools and appropriate decoding machines to help identify the unique code for your vehicle and duplicate a key for you .

If you have an older car and car dealers no longer offer replacement keys for your vehicle type we can quickly provide with the key you need .