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Locksmith Portsmouth VA

At Johnny The Locksmith we cover the portsmouth VA area for all your locksmith needs such as residential, commercial and automotive locksmith. There are many situations that could happen that would require the need for a proficient locksmith services.

If you have lost the keys to your home and cannot get into your house, locked your keys in your car or lost the keys to your car, broke off your key in your home lock or auto cylinder or need a new key entry lock system installed.

All of these are great reasons to call a locksmith, If you live in the portsmouth, VA area, then you will need a locksmith in your area that is educated and qualified to ensure top quality service and professionalism.

Residential Services

Residential locksmith services when people need to call a locksmith, likely because they have been locked out of their property.

If you lock yourself out, you’d probably need the help of a reliable and professional locksmith to gain entry to your property.

So if you forget your keys at home and you locked from the outside or if you lose your keys…

you should contact a professional locksmith who can give you back control of your home. For safety reasons in case of lost or stolen keys will likely want to renew the locks and even change the locks…

If you have forgotten the entry code to your home, all you need is to call a qualified and recognized locksmith to restore you from entering your home.

If you lose your keys this the best idea would be to replace all of your locked security reasons, but only to make sure that if someone found your old keys, he can not enter your home.

Commercial Services

We offer commercial locksmith services to all of our customers. Whether, they have large or small business.

Johnny the Locksmith provides for services that comply with the most stringent and especially businesses that need special services.

To help improve the security of your business. We know that businesses are faced with a higher risk of theft and burglary invalid, because both options are very common…

  1. Option break
  2. The high staff turnover rates


When the key issue, it requires carrying out a rekey. In order to keep your business safe and secure in any way.

in most cases, businesses will be required to make this change just for the reasons we wrote up.

Automotive Services

When we need the services of a car locksmith , it means that one of the possible faults ( most common ) found us unprepared.

  • We locked out of our car.
  • We stuck the key in the ignition.
  • We lost our car keys.
  • Faulty door lock can not be opened.
  • And much more that can be formed.


In these situations, you’ll likely need the help of a car locksmith to help you.

When the key of your car is a smart key, you do not need to worry about running a car dealership where you bought your car.

Chances are it will pay locksmith private vehicles will be significantly cheaper car dealership.

Consider professional locksmith will be able to encode your keys, using computerized machines coordinated and create a duplicate key.