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Locks Rekey

The Art of Rekeying – Sometimes the situation simply demands that you change who has access to your home or business. Be it due to a recent theft or break in, or perhaps an employee of yours left on bad terms and refuses to return their keys to your business.

While we would advise in these situations that you change the hardware on your doors sometimes that’s out of the question due to time or monetary constraints.

Fortunately we at Johnny the Locksmith can perform a “re-key” (sometimes called re-pinning) services on most types of locks which would leave you with new keys and piece of mind while simultaneously denying access to anyone with the previous key.

rekey inside look

Re-Keying a lock is typically a simple process that starts with the technicians at Johnny the Locksmith removing the cylinder or “plug” of your lock from the housing or “core” This process usually requires specialized tools specific to each brand and variety of lock.

Each brand of lock is different and some require certain conditions, for example while some locks don’t require the current working key to be present there are some types (usually higher security brands) which will require either the key or for the technician to pick the lock in order to gain access to the core.

The pins of a lock are loaded into tubes and arranged in “pin stacks” which is comprised of a pin which resides in the plug with a tumbler and spring which are contained in the core.

When re-keying your locks our technicians will carefully remove the plug in a way that prevents the tumblers and springs from being ejected from their individual stacks. your old pins are then discarded along with the old keys and a new key with a new “combination” will be placed into your key hole and new pins will be placed into the plug.

Your technician will take this opportunity to apply some oil or lock lubricant to your lock’s innards to insure that the key turns smoothly and easily.

cylinders rekey

Afterwards the plug will be placed back into the core and the tumblers will be engaged. Finally we give your new keys a few good turns to insure proper function and reinstall the locks back where they belong.

While changing your keys may seem like a stressful endeavor we at Johnny the Locksmith do our utmost to make this process quick and painless so you can stop worrying about your locks and focus on what matters to you.

Re-keying can often be done same day so if you think you might need to update your homes security please give us a call and allow us to serve you today!