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Quick service and quality, reach your location within a short time, our team of locksmiths have the best products and solutions to help protect your home or business .

If you are interested in the installation of a safety device or door lock replacement, we can offer personalized service and bring you peace of mind that you are looking for .Availability of 24/7 locksmiths really in your area.

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Residential Locksmith Services

Your safety starts with a high quality lock,

Against any malicious attempt to penetrate your home or your business, the first line of defense is a good quality lock.

Alarm system alone is not enough, You should always strengthen the protection of your business, your home and your car.

so you can prevent or even minimize the burglary attempt.

You should also keep in mind that poorly installed lock, is the equivalent of a lock that is not right at all. Therefore, the installation of the lock is very essential part, to be able to prevent the opening of the door by credit card or other objects.

Unfortunately, this is not an urban legend, but a sad reality that affects every day. Therefore, a lock is installed incorrectly can lead to an unpleasant surprise at all.

Call today for a quick check up that way, you will know that you did the best you can in order to protect your place and loved ones  (757)-785-5055

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services are offered in the Chesapeake, VA area to businesses both big and small in the Chesapeake area. At Johnny the locksmith we provide services that are available to businesses that require special services to help improve the security of your business. Businesses are faced with additional risk of theft due to both break-ins and high employee turnover rates.

When keys are issued and not returned, this requires the locks to be changes in order to keep your business safe and secure. The primary locksmith Chesapeake, VA services which businesses frequently request from a locksmith are re-keying locks, changing or repairing locks and installation of security systems.

Also, there are other services such as lockout services which can assist business owners if they have become locked out of their business.


Things you should know about your safety and your possessions.

Did you know that over time, light and noise are the worst enemies of the robbers? Things to avoid in order preventing break-ins:

  • Have your place with lights on, even at daytime.
  • Make sure to mowing the lawn every week, even on Vacations.
  • Have mail or newspapers that you have subscribers, to be collected when you gone.
  • Move all tools or things near your place that thieves can use them.
  • make sure that your exterior lighting always works.
  • Do not leave the key in a places that thieves can easily reach them.
  • Prune tall plants near windows and doors.

If you need help and more info, just call us and we will send you one of our expert techs to advise you with how to secure your home.  (757) 785-5055